Shannon has been a steady force in my career. She has given me tips and tools to push myself out of my comfort zone and up to that next level. She has also been the voice of reason that I need when my limiting beliefs get in my way. She helps me to see alternate paths to overcome hurdles, and most of all has provided me with unwavering support. I know that Shannon believes in me and what I can do!

Shannon coaches in a way that makes all your doubts fall aways. You truly believe in yourself after you’re done talking with her. She also gives you the kick in the pants that a realtor sometimes needs to get moving. The beautiful thing about it is that she does it so seamlessly that you actually don’t realize how hard she is pushing you. It’s like talking with your best friend and biggest cheerleader!! 

Victoria Watson
Victoria (Tori) Watson

“Being a part of the KW family has changed my life tremendously. KW has given me the freedom to create a life worth living and the ability to always be with my family. Coming from a military background, I haven’t had the ability to spend a lot of time with my family. My number 1 reason for becoming a Realtor was to be able to be with my family more. KW has and continues to open doors for my to be able to do that!”

Rich ReedRealtor, Keller Williams

“KW has allowed me to have control over my income and time.  It’s very empowering to know that every decision I make is going to directly impact the time I get to spend with my family or the opportunity that is going to be provided financially.  At my previous career, it was up to leadership to tell me what I was supposed to sell and how to sell it.  Now, I have the control to write my own journey.”

Taylor KolonRealtor, Keller Williams

In under 5yrs, everything has changed.  I am a different and better version of who I used to be.  I have achieved more than I’d thought possible in 20yrs in under 5.  Not only are we light years ahead of where I thought we would be in building our real estate business, this year we will ‘give away’ nearly all of what my former salary used to be.  Our family is tangibly helping and changing lives in our world because I am putting into practice what KW has invested in me. “

Jake MoranRealtor, Keller Williams