Taking time to set up a well thought out and highly functioning CRMs can result in a ROI of $5.60 per dollar spent, according to blogger Lauren Funk. Organizing your client’s information and staying up to date on that information is something that all real estate agents (possibly all people) find challenging.  A better system, more time, and not wanting to invest money in a system are just a few of the excuses for not embracing technology initiatives such as a CRM.  Let’s simplify this process so that you too can begin receiving a pay off in your business!

How To Choose a CRM

Choosing which CRM to use can be difficult and often times agents use whatever system they are first shown or hear about without taking the time to research cost or effectiveness.  Afterall, if someone we know or trusts is using it, it must be good right?  Not always.  Technology is changing at such a fast pace, what was a good idea last year, may be out of date this year.  Something that was challenging to set up then, may be easy to change now.  Transferring data is easier every day, data transfers automatically and simpler than ever before, and templates are common place in most systems.

The following are key questions to ask as you shop for a CRM.

  • Ask about system features including: bulk action, automated drip campaigns, custom tags, custom fields, mailing labels. Most systems will have these options, but don’t take it for granted.
  • Does this system have a minimum contract period? If they are locking you down, I’d ask why.  Is there a reason they feel you’d want to leave; can they not earn your business consistently over time?
  • What is the cost of this system? System cost varies from $20 a month to upwards of $3,000 per month. How many users can work on your account for each price point?
  • What makes your system unique and what strategic advantages does it offer to me? Is there hyperlocal information?  Does the system have any exclusive partnerships that affect the information in it?
  • Does this system have a consumer app that offers two-way communication? Can I see what my leads and clients are doing and look at?

If you’d like any information on choosing a CRM, I’d love to consult with you to determine which system is right for you and answer questions regarding the various systems on the market today.  There is no buy here pitch, no sign up now offer, I do not receive any commission or bonus for meeting with you or having you join my company, I’m just an expert in consulting agents on their business and using systems to provide leverage and leads in real estate.  It would be a win-win for me to talk with you and for us to share strategies for growing our knowledge and tools.

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